Kate Middleton says Prince Louis is having trouble adjusting to the passing of the Queen

It is sufficient to state that everyone in the globe was shocked by Queen Elizabeth’s passing. Her family, of course, suffered the brunt of her loss the most.

Prince Louis, 4, is one person who is finding the Queen’s passing a little bit more difficult to handle.

Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away last week at the age of 96 after an astonishing 70 years in power, is still sorely missed by people all over the world.

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Members of the Royal Family are going through a particularly trying moment as they grieve the loss of a dear family member while also adjusting to new titles and a future without the Queen.

After the Queen passed away, Kate Middleton answered questions from mourners and well-wishers about how her kids had handled the tragic news. Prince George comprehended the loss, Kate responded, but his smaller siblings found it a little more difficult to comprehend what had happened.

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Louis Middleton’s mother, Kate Middleton, claims that her youngest son is finding it difficult to comprehend the Queen’s passing. Kate reportedly told Australia’s Governor-General David Hurley this painful truth during their chat.

At a reception for Commonwealth dignitaries held before the funeral, Kate and Hurley addressed. Louis is bewildered and has numerous inquiries regarding his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, the mother of three children went on to say.

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Hurley claims that it appears that Prince George and Princess Charlotte, Kate and William’s older children, are beginning to understand what a formidable and dignified woman their great-grandmother was.


George, who is now second in line for the throne, was nine years old. He appears to have realised the significance of his “gan-gan” to the world. George “kind of now realises how significant his great-grandmother was and what is going on,” according to Hurley.


Louis, who is 4 years old, isn’t yet old enough to comprehend anything, though. Naturally, a youngster his age cannot comprehend everything that has transpired, but he also remembers his cherished great-grandmother. Kate claims that Louis concentrates on matters that are important to him, like the games he used to play with Queen Elizabeth.

Louis, according to Kate, has also expressed worry and inquired as to whether the family’s annual summer trips to Balmoral Castle will continue.

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Now that she won’t be present, the younger child is asking questions like, “Do you think we can still play these activities when we travel to Balmoral?” and similar inquiries. Hurley remarked.

The world has been fascinated with Prince William’s children ever since their birth.

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Young Prince Louis is undoubtedly going through a difficult time right now as he deals with the recent death of his loving great-grandmother and realises that he will one day be king. while coping with a variety of “typical” kid issues.

On Monday, Prince Louis was not present for the funeral. Louis was intended to attend but ultimately had to stay at home, according to people close to William and Kate.

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According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly, “Kate and William debated whether Louis should attend the Queen’s burial,” but ultimately “reached to the conclusion that the procession and service would be too lengthy and stressful for their youngest to manage and swallow,” the source said.

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