What happened to ex-couple Cruise’s and Holmes’s only child?


It was in 2006 than Cruise and Holmes had their only daughter! 😮😍Time has turned adorable Suri into an incredible beauty who steals hearts around! 🫠💘See the grown-up girl in this article! 

It is needless to say that except the celebrities and show business stars, it is their children who attract paparazzi’s and journalists’ attention. Today’s heroine is Suri, the heiress of one of the most iconic and, at the same time, scandalous Hollywood couple.


It seems as if Suri was in his arms bouncing to strangers just yesterday, but look at her now! Her angelically beautiful features lead people to see great potential in her and conclude that career in modeling might be quite successful.

She resembles her mother a lot. Suri has her mimics and character, while some claim that her dad’s genes did their job too. Paparazzi have recently captured the girl during a walk with her mother. See what a beauty she has grown up to be.

Are you a fan of Suri? How do you like her now?

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