Young Girls Perform A Song For The Queen, Only To Be Interrupted As Serviceman Father Walks In

It is no secret that military families make the ultimate sacrifice. From putting their lives on the line on the battlefield to being apart from their loved ones for extended periods of time, it is never easy. They do it for the love of their country and people despite the hardships they face, and this is worth commending. While each country has its own history and tradition when it comes to military service, all the people who serve their nation do it for the greater good.

Recently, there has been a large increase in the number of videos that show the emotional reunion between a soldier and their family. From fathers and sons to daughters and sisters, every family breaks down when they are surprised by their loved one coming back home for a short time. For Megan Adams, an already special day of performing in front of the Queen of England led to an incredible moment where her military father surprised her with a reunion.

Back in 2013, Adams was chosen out of thousands of applicants to be part of “The Poppy Girls,” which consisted of five young girls whose parents all served in the military. After a long search, the final list was whittled down from more than a thousand young girls to 60 to 11 final competitors, out of which Megan was one of the chosen girls along with her four group-mates. The Poppy Girls gave their own rendition of the song “The Call (No Need To Say Goodbye)” by famed American musician Regina Spektor.

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The whole search was brought to life by Decca Records, a company that wanted to honor the sacrifices of the Armed Forces families, as well as the Royal British Legion. They organized a talent hunt for school girls with families who were in the Armed Forces in the UK. The Daily Mail reports that over 1000 children from places as far away as Kuwait and The Falkland Islands applied to be part of the talent search. Some of these children, unfortunately, had the experience of losing a loved one that was serving overseas. The grueling selection process finally led to the formation of “The Poppy Girls,” who were to follow in the footsteps of other famous girl-bands like Little Mix, Girls Aloud, and Spice Girls.

These five girls were Megan Adams and Florence Ransom, both aged 10 at the time, Bethany Davey who was then 15, Charlotte Mellor, then 17, and Alice Milburn, aged 13 in 2013. The Poppy Girls performed a song written by the American performer Regina Spektor called “The Call (No Need To Say Goodbye).” Speaking of the song choice to Daily Mail, Charles Byrne, the Royal British Legion’s head of fundraising, said: “This is a hauntingly beautiful track sung by a group of girls who know what it means to have family members constantly placed in harm’s way.” It really isn’t easy for the children of soldiers who are serving overseas, as a “normal” life with their parents constantly around them to support them is not possible. It requires a lot of emotional strength.



The hauntingly beautiful song was performed for the first time by the girls during the Royal British Legion’s Festival of Remembrance at Royal Albert Hall. The Festival of Remembrance commemorates the end of World War One and is celebrated on the second Sunday of November. There are a variety of activities that place to mark the occasion, including musical performances, church services, and the laying of wreaths and poppies. Part of the remembrance includes everyone stopping what they are doing at 11 am and joining in for a moment of silence to remember those that were lost in the war.

Among the special guests at this somber affair was Queen Elizabeth II along with her husband Prince Philip. They were also joined by senior royal members, the Earl of Wessex, Prince Andrew, and his wife the Countess of Wessex. Other important members to attend the event were then-Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha Cameron. The event was emotional for many of the attendees as it honored the fallen soldiers who could not make it back home. The Poppy Girls were one of the performances scheduled for the special evening. However, as Megan Adams was to soon see, the evening was going to be special in more ways than one for her and her family. The Daily Mail reports that Adams is from Stirling, Scotland, and had begun taking voice lessons only a year earlier. Her father, Lieutenant Commander William Adams, was on a six-month deployment in the Indian Ocean at the time as part of his service.


The girls had a beautiful performance as their voices carried the deep emotions of the song through the hall. Their gorgeous voices must have left a deep imprint on the audience. However, as the performance ended, there was one more announcement to be made: after letting the audience know that her father was currently serving and isn’t due back for another three months, the announcer said that he was therefore not able to see his daughter perform. However, there was a surprise waiting for Megan, and the camera turns to Megan’s father walking down the stairs. This emotional moment is experienced by many, but no one is more overwhelmed than Megan herself, who bursts into tears as she runs to embrace her father.

The entire audience is moved and begins their thundering applause for the reunion, and there are some people who also shed tears. The Queen also seemed pleased by this beautiful moment and was seen exchanging comments with her husband while the audience was still applauding around them. We cannot imagine how special this must have been for Megan and her family! After being part of such an important day honoring the heroes of the nation, Megan and her family had their father back home, and he was even able to be there for his daughter as she gave a performance of a lifetime! We shed a few tears too as we watched the video, and are so happy for Megan and her family. Watch the emotionally charged moment yourself in the video below, but make sure you keep the tissues nearby!

Now you can watch the touching performance and the heartwarming reunion for yourself. It is hard not to shed a tear when you watch this emotional video. After you have watched the clip, be sure to spread the love to as many people as you know.

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