Young dancers perform the unforgettable Beauty and the Beast number and win first place


When 7-year-old Paige Glenn and 7-year-old Arion Celestine were the focus of the Murrieta Dance Project, they both wore fabulous outfits. But their dance was quite modern and full of intricate dance moves that completely mesmerized the audience and put them first overall.

The little ones decided to dance Belle and the Beast from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and made their dance as old as time. One would also expect the dance to have an impressive lyrical quality.

But the program consists not only of soft poses, but also shows its great acrobatic abilities. In particular, Artyon, given his young age, shows amazing strength in his climbs and incredible flexibility in swinging.

With the talent of these two, I can only imagine what a dance performance will look like in a few years!

Check out the video below for Paige and Artion’s stunning performance.

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