You Won’t Believe What This Mother Does With Her Baby In Her Arms. This Is Motherhood At Its FINEST.

It’s very rare to see a video as emotional and heartwarming as this — and what’s even more amazing is that there are no spoken words here. You don’t even need them, that’s how powerful it is. As she holds her baby in her arms, this incredible young mother shares with us her incredible journey after having given birth to a baby born blind and with rare, severe deformities. Together, they have faced a lot of of passed judgments and criticism — yet through it all, this mom proves what love is all about. She is so genuine throughout the telling of her story – you laugh, you cry, you smile and your heart breaks. It’s amazing!

Here is a woman who inspires me, and I’m sure she’ll have the same effect on you. People need to hear her story, and see her beautiful son.


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