This Elderly Woman Was Robbed At Her Husband’s Gravesite! What Happened Next Is INCREDIBLE! I’m In Tears!

After 78-year-old Tona Herdon’s husband passed away, she was completely devastated. The last thing she was thinking about was protecting herself from crime.

To add onto her tragedy, Herdon was visiting her husband’s grave site when something heartless happened – she was mugged. The story made headline news when the mugger was arrested and 15-year-old Christian Lunsford instantly recognized the thief as his estranged father.

The teen proved he was wise beyond his years and has a heart bigger than the majority of humankind, when he did something that completely shocked Herdon, proving that genetics doesn’t always mean everything.


Check out the clip to see the amazing this Christian Lunsford did for the heartbroken widow who was robbed by his estranged father.

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