A woman turns a rotting tree in her back yard into a charming neighborhood library

Idaho, an artist in the film Coeur d’Alene, intrigues the internet by repurposing an old rotting tree.

Charley Armitage Howard had a 100-year-old poplar tree rot in front of her house. The tree became dangerous, but instead of completely cutting it down, I decided to turn it into something the whole neighborhood could enjoy.

“We had to remove a huge tree that was over 110 years old, so I decided to turn it into a small free library (which I always wanted),” Sharali wrote on her Facebook page. “Here it is (without some cleaning, vegetation, and hair cutting)!”

The converted tree – which she calls the “free mini tree library” – has books for anyone who wants them. It’s as simple as “take a book, share it”. But instead of a simple bookcase, Sharali has turned the upper body into something cool.

The tree library not only has an outside light to illuminate the way to the glass door, but also an inside light to illuminate the book box.

There are stone steps leading to the path to the corner and it is closed by a swinging glass door so people can look in without opening the door.

She writes, “The interesting detail that didn’t show up in my first picture is that throwing teeth over the door is actually a little wooden book with the title.”

The books are all engraved with the titles of famous books.

A local news agency came over and took a closer look at the Sharlee Library and made the following video which gives you a close up view of the Little Free Library.
The books are all engraved with the titles of famous books.

Sharali added that she has become a founding member of the Little Free Library, a community of people who support small, free libraries around the world.

This art project would be a great addition to any neighborhood, don’t you agree?

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