The woman shows kindness to a hungry stray kitten – so she trusts her and her kittens


There are good people in the world who do not hesitate to help an animal in need. But the woman got more than she expected when she helped the wild cat … and realized that she was not alone.

Lisian, a woman from Montreal, Canada, found a stray cat in front of her house this summer. When she saw that the cat was looking for food, she decided to leave food and water.

While the cat was shy of people, she gradually began to trust the woman and returned to her food every day.

“The cat immediately realized that someone was interested,” wrote the Montreal Chutons. “Someone finally helped her survive every day.”

A few weeks later, the cat apparently entrusted Lysian with a big surprise: her entire family!


The cat appeared at her back door with six kittens by her side. It immediately became clear that the cat was born, and she believed that Lisian would take care of the kittens.

She trusted the right person because Lykias quickly brought the cats home. And this time, she not only saved food and water … she intended to give everyone a home forever.

Lisian herself decided to adopt a mother cat, and a friend adopted one of the kittens – a lonely forbidden kitten.

So five black cats were looking for their home forever and turned to the Chatons Orphelins Montréal group for help.


“All five are beautiful long-haired black cats – three girls (Taylor, Tiny and Tiana) and two boys (Tales and Tito),” Celine Crum from Chatons Orphelins Montréal told Love Meow.

“They were a bit shy at first, but when they got home, they quickly got out of their clams.”

All cats were spayed, spayed and vaccinated. Tito was born with a deformity of his leg and will need surgery in the future, but is getting the help he needs.

And two sisters-cats, Tiny and Tiana, became inseparable, and she needs to be adopted as a husband.


According to Rescue’s Facebook post, the five kittens will be eligible for adoption in three months, but we hope these beautiful cats will find their home forever soon.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal writes: “Taylor, Tiny and Tiana seek and talk about a family that will last a lifetime.” “Babies are sweet, gentle and naturally reserved. They love to have fun and attract attention. ”

They list more information about each cat in their posts. If you are interested in adoption, you can contact Chatons Orphelins Montréal.

Hopefully these gorgeous black cats will be adopted soon! Thank you Lisianne for helping this family – the cat has definitely chosen the right person to confide in her kittens.

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