Woman sees a stranger drop a bag into a river, then she dives in and rescues 6 puppies


Can you believe it that someone can take 6 puppies and put them in a sack and dump them into a river? Well, that is what happened and the poor animals were sure to die if Anna Charlesworth hadn’t intervened.

The moment she saw someone dump the puppies in the water to drown, she acted fast and in the process risked her life for the sake of the helpless creatures. She dived into the water and rescued the traumatized puppies.

As we speak, the 6 puppies have recovered from the shock and she hopes they will soon find a loving family. When you watch the video below and see how cute the Chihuahuas are, you will agree with me that they surely deserved a second chance.

More details about the woman’s brave story can be found in the clip below. Please watch and SHARE with all!

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