A woman saves chains with a dog, the dog holds her hand to say “thank you”.


The dogs looked sad, but thought their master would be there. However, it later happened to her that the dogs could be left behind. She couldn’t sleep all night because she continued to worry about dogs.


The next day, she returned to her seat and confirmed her fears. Dogs were still tied up in the sun. They were starving and dehydrated and seemed to be dying. The woman saved the dogs and put them in the back of the car. In the end, she cried because of the unfair situation of these poor and homeless dogs.
In this video we see a very nice gesture of a rescued dog. When the dog sees the saving angel crying, he quietly approaches the front seat and watches the woman. At first the weak dog is afraid, but his fears disappear when the woman continues to see him!
The woman was shocked when the dog melted in her arms to thank her for the rescue. He ignores his suffering and stretches out his claws to soothe them. He even hides his head next to her so she feels good! A woman cries more violently when he touches a compassionate dog and promises to give him and his dog a better life!

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