My wife and I just recently brought our baby boy

“My wife and I just recently brought our baby boy, Duke, into this world. About four weeks ago my wife developed gestational hypertension which meant her blood pressure was very high due to her higher blood volume from the pregnancy. Well, six weeks before our due date we ended up having to go to the hospital after some very high blood pressure reads, they decided to keep us and changed her diagnosis to preeclampsia.
Immediately I was very stressed out because I didn’t have any paid time off, we were down to one car and of course my wife was in the hospital with a life-threatening condition for both her and the baby. The doctors decided it was best for both my wife and our baby to induce her six weeks early. Sure enough on July 20th at 9:48 p.m. our baby boy was born and ended up in the NICU, where he stayed for a week, and my wife ended up with a spinal headache due to her epidural.
I called my boss to let him know I wouldn’t be at work for a while because of complications with my wife’s health and our premature baby, that’s when he, my HR rep, and my coworkers sprang into action!
Without my knowledge they got together and sent out a company email asking for time off donations. I ended up with more than enough paid time off because my coworkers, my friends, donated their own hard-earned paid time off. This in itself has taken a lot of the stress off of me and my family, it has allowed me to be there with my family, to pay the bills, and bond with my little guy.
It goes to show when someone is in need people will do the right thing, that’s humanity at its finest. I believe when people do the right thing out of the kindness of their hearts, they deserve to be acknowledged for it, so here I am shouting from the rooftop how eternally grateful I am to work with such selfless people. The world needs to know what was done for my family and I, we are beyond blessed.”
Credit: David Printz
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