What Happened To This Beautiful Girl Is Unfathomable. Especially How It Turned Out.


When Bethany was in high school, she was a loving and gorgeous girl. Her brother and sister loved her deeply and it seemed like she was on top of the world. Then, something tragic happened that changed everything. Bethany was driving with her sister on the highway. They got into an accident that stole the life of her sister and mangled Bethany’s face. Her courage, strength and recovery will move you.

Bethany was just a normal girl in high school.

She loved riding horses.

Like, a lot. And she was good at it.

But then she got in a tragic, life-changing accident. She was driving in the winter and lost control of the car while making a turn. She crossed the median and was t-boned by a truck.

Her skull was literally smashed to pieces and her sister lost her life.

The doctors were only keeping Bethany alive long enough to harvest her organs. She spent 16 hours in surgery, then, something miraculous happened: she stabilized DURING surgery.

With Bethany’s kind of injuries, that was unheard of. It was a miracle. She was in the hospital recovering for a rough couple of months.

But even though her face was terribly mangled and she was thought dying, she was out of the hospital in only 72 days. She was a fighter.

Her family couldn’t believe their luck. They cherished every moment with Bethany.

Her survival and recovery was so miraculous, she became a spokesperson for the hospital.


She even competed in the Ms. You Can Do It pageant.

Her story was everywhere. She appeared in news segments, held fundraisers and had articles written about her. Here she is with Kristi Yamaguchi at one of her fundraisers.

Then, her experience with brain injuries came in handy. Her younger brother took a line drive to the head. He fractured his skull, ruptured vessels and suffered a traumatic brain injury. She was there for him every step of the way.

She wouldn’t have survived without the amazing help and love of the caretakers watching over her (seen pictured with her here).

She even got back into horse back riding!

And after everything, she isn’t afraid to be daring.

Her high school senior picture… and she is still so beautiful.

She has even graduated college.

It just goes to show that we never know what can happen. Doctors were certain that Bethany was going to die, but instead, she thrived. Not only that, but she continues to inspire others to never give up. She is an incredible woman.

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