What’s Hidden In These 9 Photos Is Incredible. And Terrifying Once The Reality Sinks In.

An artist by the name of Simon Menner was recently given the opportunity to spend time with the German Army. In particular, two German Army snipers. Perhaps the most important aspect of being a sniper is to conceal yourself and blend into the surroundings. In the following photos, they did that… very, very well.

In fact, even when they’re pointed out, it’s still difficult to see them. That’s how good they are at becoming one with nature to effectively position themselves.


As brilliant as Simon’s artistic work is, it’s somewhat haunting to realize the inability to spot a sniper has cost millions their lives over the years. To go through these photos for entertainment is one thing, but to face it in reality is nearly unimaginable.

Source: SimonMenner.com / Via: Vice

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