What Happened to This Dog Made My Stomach Turn. Thank Goodness For The Ending.

If you remember the classic 90s movie Homeward Bound (and you should), you’ll remember one of the animals had an encounter with a porcupine. The tense scene shows Chance getting attacked by a grumpy little porcupine, leaving quills in his face (and rendering me terrified of porcupines for the rest of my life).

Well, when that happens in real life, it’s about 25x more terrifying and looks like a scene from a gruesome horror movie.


Thankfully, Bella will be okay. The Noles children were shaken by the attack, but they are recovering, too, now that they see their dog is back to normal.

Source: news9.com

So learn your lesson: do not stick your face anywhere near a porcupine.

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