What Happened To Photographer Nancy Borowick’s Parents Is Nearly Inconceivable. The Photos Are Powerful.

Finding out that your father or mother has cancer is a hard thing to deal with. When both of Nancy Borowick’s parents told her that they both had cancer… we can’t imagine how devastating that news would be. But instead of letting cancer tear their family apart from the inside-out, the Borowicks bonded together. Husband, wife and daughter grew together as they fought cancer and Nancy chronicled the whole thing with these incredible photographs.


After a long and arduous journey, Howie lost his life to the pancreatic cancer, but not before spending wonderful months with his wife and three children who will always have this touching photos to remember him by.

His son-in-law Paul Flach is running the Berlin Marathon to raise money for the Institute of Cancer Research in his memory, and also in memory of his own father, Adrian. Donations can be made at Just Giving.

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