This Went From Horrifying To Downright Unbelievable Very Quickly. It’s Not What You Think.

All of the amazing (and slightly terrifying) artwork you’re about to see was created by one man. His name is Sam Jinks and he is an Australian visual artist. He focuses on creating hyper-realistic sculptures out of silicone, resin and fiberglass. There’s something about these pieces that are almost too realistic, to the point where they seem like they shouldn’t exist at all.

No matter how you feel about his artwork, one thing is certain: you should feel something.

Some of Sam’s works fall into what people call the “uncanny valley.” The uncanny valleyis a hypothesis in the field of human aesthetics. The idea is that when human features look and move almost, but not exactly, like natural human beings, it causes a response of revulsion among some human observers.


So when you look at some of Sam’s work, and you (for almost no reason) are put off by it… it could be because his hyper-realistic sculptures step too close into this uncanny valley.

The humans with fox heads, for example, may be culprits.

Source: Sam Jinks via Amusing Planet

No matter how you feel about his work, it’s truly incredible and worth sharing. Click below to show others.

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