We all have a sore point when it comes to mothers who love their children

We all have a pain point when it comes to mothers who love and care for their children no matter the obstacles that come their way. Sometimes their lack of selfishness and protective nature is a shield for children. An elderly mother in the Philippines, Juliette Lorenzo, has all these qualities.

Facebook user Gilbred Cargason Alsagon Jr. to the general public for expressing his appreciation for this elderly mother’s devotion to her disabled daughter. It seems he saw the two on a bench.


According to Gilbert, when this mother came with her daughter Mary Jane on her back, everyone at the bank, customers and employees alike, wept in tears and everyone offered to help. However, the woman refused to offer help because her daughter did not want anyone to hold her.


After this man published the photos, one of the TV channels found out that the girl was not only paralyzed, but also cannot speak, and this has been her condition since she was three years old. The two appear to have lived alone in a modest house for 25 years, and the mother says she cannot abandon her daughter for fear that someone would harm her or offend her withdrawn daughter.

Julieta says she was at the bank that day to collect her pension, which is insufficient for her needs and her treatment of the girl. Despite the poverty and hardship that I endure every day, Juliet has always taken good care of her daughter and will always take good care of her. The love that binds them together is a model for any family relationship and worth nurturing.

This is what this woman is doing for her beloved daughter:

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