She Was Bullied By Girls At School. Watch Her Take The Stage And WOW The Harshest Judge!

Despite being bullied in school for her singing, 10-year-old Natalie Okri never gave up on her dream to become a famous singer. She said, “There is one girl in my class who makes fun of me because I wear ordinary clothes and she wears fashion stuff. She is the gang leader and there are about six of them who make me cry. But I know I can win and show them all what I can do.”

With the support of her mother, the young girl auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent. Although she was soft-spoken and shy when talking to the judges, she wowed everyone with her rendition of Alicia Keys’ “No One.”


Within seconds of her audition, she had won over the judges and led to the audience giving her a standing ovation. She belted the pop hit with professionalism and ease. After the audition, the judges praised her amazing vocal range. Piers Morgan said she was a “a very very little girl with a very very big voice”. This little girl will definitely have a great future ahead of her!

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