A warm house can be built from the network in 6 hours and costs only $ 33,000



Housing prices are rising worldwide. To adapt, some families decided to cut back. Others went further, investing in small houses or putting their house on the street. And there are those who have invested offline in sustainable homes so that they can live in peace, flourishing in nature. If one or more of these options suits you, take a look at the house designed by Italian Renator Vidal.

To find solutions for skyrocketing real estate prices, Vidal developed MA MAi, a collapsible flat house that costs just $ 33,000. With more intrigue, it can be installed anywhere in just six hours.

The bored panda notes that the building is certified seismically safe, built from high quality materials and is available in various sizes. For example, there is a house with an area of 290 square feet for 33,000 dollars or a project with an area of 904 square feet for 73,000 dollars.

Prefabricated houses can be disconnected from the network. Apparently, the designs can be well combined with solar panels, gray water supply systems and LED lighting.

After receiving the payment, the house is expected within approximately 60 days. The structure includes all modern amenities, including bathrooms with a toilet, kitchen equipment, stairs and technical equipment.

The company says: “It creates comfortable and safe spaces that can be largely adapted to your needs.”

Here are photos of the innovative apartment:
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MA looks like an ordinary house, but everything under the roof contrasts perfectly with the “simple”



Here is a time-lapse of its assembly:

Here is what M.A.Di looks like when you are done:

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