Walk Barefoot Every Day For 5 Minutes

This is the most powerful massage and acupuncture.

People in summer like to walk bare-foot on grass or sand, but our feet are not adapted to that. Try to hold on this summer and walk for about 10 minutes, don’t give up after the first steps.

There’s an energy flowing through our body called “prana” by the Indians, and “chi” by the Chinese, but the thing is that it keeps the health of the body.


This energy runs thorough a scheme of meridians like to our bloodstream. When the energy runs through the meridians, all the body parts get the energy needed for optimum work. On the other side, if the organ connected to a closed meridian it can weakens, and there is high risk of having serious issues in time.


These kind of meridians ends up in our feet, so if we walk bare-foot we can stimulate vital spots. Actually we massage ok the organs in our organism. This is the most powerful massage and acupuncture.

Even if you suffer from lack of energy, infections, sinusitis, digestion problems, stress or you have cardiovascular issues, you can get rid of them with walking bare-foot for a couple of minutes per day.

The sun gives us vitamin D, and the earth surrounds us with energy needed for our organism.

All you need is to walk bare-foot so star today. First limit your time on 5 minutes and increase it every day.

After a while, you will see that it is completely natural to walk bare-foot.

What do you think?