No One Wanted A Deformed Dog – Until She Met A Little Girl Who Saw Her As Perfect. I’m In Tears!!

Rikki was born with a deformity in her front legs. When the Animal Rescue League of Boston took Rikki in, they knew she would need to find a forever home that accepted Rikki for who she is – and that’s exactly what she found.

The instant this amazing little girl saw Rikki’s picture on the computer as her and her dad searched for adoption pups, she knew Rikki was her soul mate. She says, “Most people would want dogs that walked on four legs and looked normal, but Rikki is normal. I never had any doubt the minute I saw Rikki that I would end up not wanting her.”


These two play together, cuddle together, sleep next to each other every night, and they enjoy each and every day as the wonderful sisters they are. I am so touched by this story, and so impressed with this incredible girl who saw something special in Rikki that many people wouldn’t. Please SHARE their heartwarming video.


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