Unidentified Police Officer Receives Written Message from 9-Year-Old Boy in Restaurant


While enjoying breakfast with his mother at Denny’s, a 9 years old Noah noticed a solitary police officer seated at a nearby table.

Noah’s immediate response was anxiety, as he recognized his desire to take action but remained uncertain about the course of action.

He confided in his mother about spotting the police officer and initiated the process of formulating a plan.

When Noah was a child, he had an ambition of becoming a police officer. He requested permission from his mother to come to Officer Eddie Benitez and say hello.

Of course, his mother agreed with him, but when Noah began to approach Eddie, he grew so anxious that he dared not speak. A few minutes later, he made the decision to create a fresh strategy that would make the officer leap out of his chair.

Noah had carefully set aside a portion of his birthday money and had a heartfelt intention to cover Eddie’s meal expenses.

His mother, Amanda, signaled the waitress and shared their plan with her. Following their act of kindness in settling Eddie’s bill, Noah proceeded to write a message on the receipt.

Afterward, Noah picked up the receipt and approached the policeman, Eddie.

Spotting the boy advancing, Eddie became puzzled by why Noah possessed his receipt, but it didn’t take him much time to grasp the situation. Upon reading the contents of the boy’s writing, he swiftly rose from his seat and enthusiastically snapped a picture with his newfound admirer.


The message Noah penned on the receipt said:

“I aspire to be like you in the future. Thank you for your dedication and service. Sincerely, Noah.”

Eddie was deeply touched by this act of kindness, to the extent that he carries the note written by Noah with him every day as a cherished reminder of their encounter.

During an interview with 10 News, Eddie shared the following account:

“It held immense significance. It served as a reminder that I should wake up each morning, don my uniform, and carry out my duties. It signifies the importance of striving to set a positive example for all the younger individuals out there.”

The heartwarming nature of the story prompted the Lakeland Police Department, where Eddie serves, to share the photo of Noah and Eddie on their official Facebook page.

Noah’s immense pride in the overwhelmingly positive response to his thoughtful gesture has intensified his aspiration to become a police officer, solidifying his determination more than ever before.

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