Quiz: What Is Your True Outlook On Life According To How You Arrange Colors?



You are about to take a QUIZ that will ask you to complete a series of colors; three colors will be presented with each question, and you will choose the final color to finish the sequence, that is most pleasing and logical for you as an individual.

This QUIZ is loosely based on the Lüscher color test, which is a personality test that reveals an individual’s life stressors and associated personality traits, based on a person’s color preferences.   The theoretical premise for this quiz is that there are universal psychological and physiological responses to colors, due to the fact that we all encounter these colors in nature and the cycle of life.  It has been pointed out, for instance, that the cycle of night and day are associated with the dark-blue of night that connote rest and tranquility.  Daytime is associated with the yellow of sunshine..a time to act and exert energy.  These colors have personality associations that are a logical extension of these symbols.

As you respond to finish each color sequence in the QUIZ BELOW, try not to overthink your response; going with your gut will yield the most accurate analysis of your personality and outlook on life.  Do you think that your choices will reveal that you are THOUGHTFUL?…a critical and methodical thinker who thinks before you speak and form an opinion?  Or perhaps you are LIGHTHEARTED…chill and relaxed, easily going with the ebb and flow of life as you see the “glass as half full”?  You might be PASSIONATE…interacting with people and life circumstances with strong emotions and opinions, and not hesitating to voice them?

Have fun taking the QUIZ and let us know if you fall into one of the personality types discussed above or another one entirely, and if the analysis of your responses resonates with how you see yourself.

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