Trick: Get Rid of the Itching After a Mosquito Bite

With the start of the summer and the warm weather, the season of mosquitoes and other similar insects starts. This trick will help you easily get rid of the annoying itching caused by an insect sting.

For this trick you will need a metal spoon and hot water.


Put the spoon under running hot water for about a minute, and then apply it directly on the place where you are bitten by the insect.


Hold the spoon pressed for a few minutes and then when you remove it the itching will stop completely.

When biting, the mosquito leaves a protein in the skin to prevent the blood from coagulating at the place of the sting.

The protein is the one that makes you scratch after the sting, but it can not stand the heat that the hot spoon emits, and therefore the itching stops.

There might be some redness and swelling for a few hours, but the annoying itching will be gone forever.

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