Today bees are considered the most important thing to live on earth


During the Royal Geographical Society’s recent meeting in London, the Institute for Earth Observation concluded that bees are the most important thing on the planet.


While many of us were aware of the bees’ impact on the earth, there are many who are not.

According to the Science Times, 70% of the world’s agriculture depends entirely on bees, while pollination – perhaps the most important function of bees – enables plants to reproduce. Without them, the animals will soon disappear.

In addition, a study by the Center for Entrepreneurship in Beekeeping at the Mayor’s University (CeapiMayor) and the Foundation for Beekeeping in Chile (Cach) with support from the Foundation for Agricultural Innovation (FIA) concluded that bees are the only organisms which do not carry any organisms – regardless of whether they are fungi, viruses or bacteria.

Even so, bees have now been classified as critically endangered. Recent studies show a significant decrease in insect numbers. Almost 90% of the bees have disappeared in recent years.

The main reasons for the decline are the uncontrolled use of pesticides, the lack of flowers and deforestation. Because of this, activists believe we must immediately ban the use of pesticides, promote all-natural agricultural alternatives, and carefully monitor the health and wellbeing of bees.

So be careful not to crush or hit the pesky honeybee that lingers around your home in warm weather – it just helps us a little bit further!

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