Thug Sucker-Punches Business Owner, Then Thug Finds Out How Ex-Special Forces Soldiers Respond to Such Behavior

Maen Mdanat has become a neighborhood hero since taking ownership of the Axis Food Mart in Tucson, Arizona, about five years ago.Peter Norback, creator of the nearby One Can A Week food donation program, told KVOA-TV in Tucson, “He really cares about his community and giving back. People come up, don’t always have the change (to pay for an item), he just lets them slide. No convenience store does that.”But more than that, Norbeck writes on his blog, Mdanat quickly jumped in to help Norbeck “clean up our neighborhood” and even do some crime prevention to the point where “peace and civility is the norm.”

Out of nowhere, a would-be thief strolls in to the Axis Food Mart about 1:30 a.m., demanding cash from the store clerk on duty, Mdanat then went into action, emerging from his office, telling the thug to get lost, and leading him out the door.


But instead of accepting the easy way out, the trouble-seeker sucker-punched Mdanat:

What the thug didn’t know is that Mdanat has Army special-forces training in his background and wasn’t about to let the guy get off lightly.

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