Well, This Was Certainly an Eventful Drive To The Grocery Store! WOW.

When Rick Potter set out with his family on a trip to the grocery store, he had no idea that it would be the one errand he will never, ever forget!

Along with his wife Mandi and their two young kids, Potter was driving along on the I-75 highway between Osage City and Topeka, Kansas when he spotted something strange in the back seat of the car next to him.

“Okay, there’s a car here,” Potter can be heard saying in the video, “and in the back of this car, there’s a horse.” Potter than pulls up to an old jalopy owned by horse showman Jerry Miller, where there most certainly is a live horse in the back seat of the tiny vehicle!


Potter said he first noticed the horse’s large amount of hair flowing out the window and realized it couldn’t be a dog. Potter’s children got such a kick out of the horse and could not stop laughing! “It was a once-in-a-lifetime situation,” Potter said.

Miller said the back seat of his car was removed to make room for the horse, known as Rascal, who travels around the country with his horse in tow. Potter confirmed the animal seemed happy as could be and did not seem in distress. Either way, I still can’t believe this guy pulled it off!

This just goes to show that anything goes on the open road… but there will always be eyes watching! Please SHARE this hysterical video if it made you chuckle!


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