This May Be The Weirdest Flying Machine Ever, But You’ll Never Forget What This Guy Did To His Dead Cat.

I’m not sure if this is awesome or absolutely crazy, but one thing is for sure, its weird!  I’ll never be able to understand some peoples definition of art and you’ll see exactly what I mean below.

Bart Jansen is a artist.  A sad day came when Orville his beloved cat died a tragic death when it collided with a car.  When this accident happened Bart thought of the best way he could honer his much loved cat.

Bart decided that the most honorable memorial would be to turn his cat into a helicopter, and thats exactly what he did.  The result is unbelievably weird… I still can’t believe that he actually did this!



You may think this is absolutely absurd and horrible, but this guy actually created this as a flying memorial in love for his cat.  You can see the video of Orvillecopter taking flight below.  I’m speechless…

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