What This Man Did With A Child’s Heart Before He Passed Away Is Truly Unforgettable.

No parent should ever have to experience the loss of a child. Tragically, families have to go through just that all over the world.

When a parent is grieving over the loss of a child, their heart is broken. But one man named Brian Schreck found a way to help ease their pain.

The Bennett family lost their 14 year-old son Dylan in February at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Brian, a music therapist at the hospital, tried something to help them cope with the tragedy.

Before Dylan passed away, Brian used a microphone attached to a stethoscope to record his heartbeat. Then, he took the recording of the heartbeat and incorporated the sound into Dylan’s favorite music.

Now, Dylan’s parents listen to that music to help cope with this loss of their little boy.


Since helping the Bennett family, Brian has recorded the heartbeats of over 20 children and incorporated their life into their favorite music. Nothing could make a parent’s pain go away, but being able to listen to their children’s heartbeats at any point in the day is an amazing gift.

To learn more about Brian’s work, watch this video about his heartbeat music therapy:

Brian was inspired by what some doctors were doing with their pregnant patients. “I had heard of other music therapists in the medical field adding recordings of in utero heartbeats to lullabies created with high-risk pregnant mothers to increase bonding between the mother and baby.”

He gives these parents a chance to feel love, to feel at ease, during a tumultuous time. It’s an amazing gift to give.

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