This Footage Of A Massive Elk Herd Was Amazing From The Start, But What Happens At 1:12 Is UNREAL!!

When I first saw this video unfold, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t staged. First, a camera captures the most massive elk herd crossing a highway. It’s simply astounding how many of these beautiful creatures gallop together to their destination! Then, at 1:12, the scene completely changes when the camera pans over to one lone elk, who was somehow left behind. I feel so horrible for him because it’s clear how badly he wants to catch up to his friends and family. He tries to jump the fence, he tries to push through – but he’s stuck behind!

Just then, he takes a few steps back, gathers his momentum and leaps over the fence, free to run as fast as he can toward his buddies. The very last straggler on the other side turns to wait for him – and finally, they all run off in the sunset together as a complete herd. OMG! You have to see it to believe it, and you’ll be just as blown away as I am by this beautiful, exciting and heartwarming video.


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