This Father Having A Heated Debate With His Toddler Kid Is The Cutest Ever

This baby may not know how to speak, but she surely knows how to debate! Watch this cute Russian baby girl engage in a heated debate with her father who seems to have scolded her for some mistake.

The baby spills some food on the floor and daddy scolds her for this. But the little princess is not someone to accept her mistake so meekly! She tries her best to tell her father that whatever she did was not on purpose—mistakes do happen, you know!


It is so endearing to see the little child argue so passionately with her dad though she herself does not know what she is speaking. The kid not only argues vociferously, but also emphatically gestures with her hand! Her mother, who is making the video can’t stop laughing at her baby’s cuteness! A lovely video to cheer you up on a lousy day!


The cutest debate ever. This toddler knows how to get her point across.

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