Every Day, This Cat Follows The Little Boy To School. When You See Why, You’ll Be Blown Away. Wow.

Milly Moos is unlike most cats, constantly seeking attention for little William Dutton and quickly becoming his best four-legged pal. So when he was about to start pre-school, the cat reacted in the most adorable way possible.

According to William’s mom Victoria, her three-year-old son became anxious about starting pre-school, but it was Milly Moos who stepped in to reassure him. Not only does she sit next to William as he put his shoes and coat on, she also walks next to them — all the way to his pre-school. If that isn’t enough, six-year-old Milly Moos even accompanies Victoria when she goes to pick up William. How amazing is that?! Have you ever seen a cat act like that before?


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