Every Day, This Cat And Rabbit Do Something That Completely Melts My Heart.

The two adorable best friends in this video, might seem like they’re straight out of a Disney movie, but this is 100% real life for this animal odd couple.

Every day Momo the cat and Moko the rabbit like to take a walk with human owner. The duo in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan are completely inseparable. The people in their neighborhood even refer to the cute pair as “Brother and Sister.”

According to their owner, Momo watched Moko grow from a newborn into a grown rabbit and is very protective of him. Whenever their owner takes a walk outside, they tag along and always bring excitement to the neighborhood. These two buddies have brought a lot of fun to the neighborhood.


How precious are these best buddies. If they were in my neighborhood, I’d probably follow them on their walk every single day. This is just too cute!

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