Amazing Transformation of Kitten Found Near Death

Stuart Little is a tiny kitten who made an unbelievable recovery, while winning our hearts over in the process.
A good Samaritan delivered a litter of tiny kittens in very poor health to Fabulous Felines Rescue NWA, a nonprofit cat rescue organization. When they first arrived, it seemed highly unlikely that all, if any, of the kittens would survive. In fact, the smallest of the group, was so malnourished and full of fleas and infections that volunteers thought he was already dead.

However, this little runt was determined to live life to its fullest and made an impressive recovery. Now 8 months old, Stuart Little leads a healthy life in a caring household, as he has since been adopted by one of the volunteers at the organization.

Check out the images below that show his amazing transformation:


Stuart Little when he first arrived


Just six days after arriving at the rescue, Stuart Little is just a bit bigger than a tube of chapstick



At six weeks old, Stuart Little has already grown quite a bit!


By three months, Stuart Little was looking more like a regular cat, even though he only weighed two pounds


At eight months old, Stuart Little now leads a healthy life


Content Source: Huffington Post

Stuart Little loves living the life of a healthy, strong cat

Images Source: Amanda Rhea/Fabulous Felines NWA

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