This Act Of Kindness Made The Mom Shed Tears…

It was during the Labor Day celebrations when Ashley England took her family to a restaurant for dinner. Many parents can testify how hard it is to take kids to restaurant. Though challenging, Ashley is a proud mom who has a son that has special needs.

While they were taking their dinner, Riley became too rowdy. The 8-year-old boy started raising his voice, hitting the table and throwing things. It was quite obvious the little boy who suffers from epilepsy was bothering other diners who were seated near them.

So, when Ashley saw the waitress approaching their table, she expected the worst. But the waitress did something she never expected – she handed her a note amid tears.

Another customer had paid the family’s bill and the note the waitress was giving her had been written by the same customer.

The act of kindness was too much for Ashley and she started crying. It made her understand that people knew what her family was going through despite the difficulty which the situation can bring about when facing the public.

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This is Riley. He has special needs. Since he was just a baby, Riley has suffered from a severe form of epilepsy that causes him to have seizures. Little did he and his family know, a simple gesture was about to touch their lives forever.




One night, Riley went to dinner with his family at the Stag & Doe restaurant in North Caroline. His mom, Ashley, prepared for the worst when Riley began acting rowdy and aggravating some of the customers.



Suddenly, Ashley’s waitress approached her table and handed her this note from a nearby stranger. Ashley began to cry. The stranger also paid for the family’s meal.c



“Little did he know what struggles we had been facing lately and this was surely needed at that moment,” Ashley said. It wasn’t long before this story went viral.



Riley wanted the mystery diner, whoever he or she was, to see his note of appreciation. Even the smallest gesture can have the biggest impact.


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