What This 92 Year Old Man Did Will Never Be Forgotten. This Is Incredible.


No one knows when tragedy is going to strike. It can be sudden, totally unexpected and absolutely destroy lives. Luckily for one 5 year-old, she had a guardian angel standing nearby when things went awry at a racetrack.

At Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California, things went sideways. A loose racehorse when charging into a crowd. People scrambled out of the way, but a little girl was in its path. 92 year-old John Shear had to think fast when he saw what was happening.



The old man snatched the little girl out of harm’s way, saving her life. He was her guardian angel that day, and his amazing save is almost too perfect to believe. You have to see it for yourself:

(H/T LifeBuzz)

John is a hero, and Roxy is lucky he was there. Share his amazing rescue with others by clicking on the Share button below. What he did for that little girl is absolutely amazing.

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