There were intense conversations surrounding pictures taken by paparazzi of Hollywood star Roberts.

Even the fans were disappointed in the «Pretty Woman» star’s appearance in pajamas

However unbelievable it might seem, one of the best-known and world-renowned Hollywood actresses will soon turn 55. As she still possesses a slender body and looks quite attractive, many wouldn’t give her over 40.

Regardless of many years’ experience and professionalism, the outstanding actress still feels quite anxious before appearing on the Red Carpet. She is simply ashamed of lots of cameras directed to her.


The fact that she doesn’t really like publicity results in her rare appearance at events and shows. Recently, the paparazzi managed to catch the cult movie star when she didn’t look her best.

It was during her cruise in Australia where photographers didn’t miss a chance to capture her on camera. Julia was wearing a loose T-shirt and wide shorts that resembled pajamas and put on a baseball cap. She was also wearing sunglasses.

Many noted that she has drastically lost weight and started to look considerably older.

«A walking skeleton», «She has lost much weight», «Looks unhealthy!».

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