This Big Lady Chooses To Do The Pole Dance. A Minute Later. No One Expected This From Her! WOW!!


Early in 2014, on Britain’s Got Talent, an unusually large 27-year-old lady from Derby, England, performed a pole dance in front of an audience in a skimpy outfit and bare feet. First, she crossed behind the pole and did a flip in front of it, her legs off the floor.

Then she spun around the pole with all her limbs, except for her left arm, hanging onto it. Then she grabbed onto the pole with her legs, turning herself upside down and spreading her legs in the air; one arm held the pole while the other was wrapped around it. Her next move was a sideways one, her legs around the pole, one arm holding onto it below and the other arm reaching out. The entire act was recorded on a YouTube video that lasted two minutes and twenty-four seconds.

Mrs. Haslam (she is married with a three-year-old child) is really something. She knows how to maintain her balance while performing difficult feats!

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