The tragic reason Harry and Meghan “fled” the UK following the royal departure

From their perspective, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been “free” from the royal family for a number of years. The pair left the life of royalty in 2020 and moved to sunny Montecito, California, following a brief stay in Canada. The truth is that despite the couple’s numerous business endeavours, many of them have connections to the royal family.

The relationship between Harry and Meghan and their UK family is at an all-time low as a result of all they have said about the Firm. The pair was forced to leave their UK house, but according to recent rumours, Harry is at least eager to settle down permanently in his own nation.

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On their alleged “freedom flight,” the Sussexes permanently departed the United Kingdom. The true cause behind their departure was not quite evident at the time. However, Harry disclosed tragic information about the reasons why the UK wouldn’t be their permanent home in his book Spare.

After moving to the US, Harry and Meghan began a new life apart from all things associated with their years of royal duties—at least for Harry.

However, the choice wasn’t decided right away. Following their nuptials, royal expert and Diana: Her True Story author Andrew Morton asserted that Harry and Meghan would consider leaving the royal family at an early stage of their union.

Jonny Dymond, the BBC’s royal correspondent, sensed something wasn’t quite right a few days after the wedding. “I really mean, within days…””Reports about Megan’s behaviour towards employees were making the rounds,” he stated in the BBC documentary The Prince and the Press.


“We were getting briefings that all was not well, with the relationship between William and Harry, Meghan and Kate, and the relationship between Harry and Meghan and the royal household,” continued Camilla Tominey, the journalist who originally broke the news of Harry and Meghan’s romance. Harry and Meghan have stated that they left the Firm permanently for a number of reasons.

Meghan Markle talked candidly about the moment she and Harry made the decision to leave the UK in an interview with The Cut. Due to the Duchess’s intense scrutiny by the British press, her relationship with the royal hierarchy and health suffered.

Harry disclosed a great deal about their royal family and what he believed he had been exposed to in his book Spare. He mentioned the reason they “fled” the life of royalty. They had to go, in his and Meghan’s opinion. Harry reminisced on his visit to Frogmore Cottage following Prince Philip’s burial, saying, “I thought, how beautiful it all is.” How depressing, too. This was intended to be my permanent home, once. Rather, it turned out to be merely another quick halt.

“I wasn’t sure when I’d ever come back when my wife and I fled this place, out of fear for our sanity and physical safety,” he continued. January 2020 was that month. Fifteen months later, I woke up a few days later to find that thirty-two calls had gone unanswered. After a brief but tense conversation with Granny, she informed me that Harry had passed away.

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Harry and Meghan moved to Frogmore while they were still senior members of the royal family. For almost $3 million, they undertook renovations to the royal estate, and upon their retirement from the throne, the couple committed to repaying UK taxpayers for the full cost.

Previously, they could still use Frogmore Cottage as their base when they visited the UK, but that is no longer the case. Just one day after Harry’s book, Spare, was published, Charles reportedly decided what would happen to the property and kicked them out.

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