The silverback gorilla ensures that his family crosses the road safely


A male alpha gorilla named Chimanuka had a tense and arduous task of safely leading his family and troops down a path that ran through the natural park he lives in.

Shimanuka is the silver leader of a group of around 36 gorillas that live in Kahuzi-Beija National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

This gorilla is famous for being the largest subspecies of gorilla and is known as the eastern lowlands or gorilla grouper.

Chimanuka was the first gorilla to be found after unrest in the region (around 2002) – and his name means “good luck only when you need it”. He has a very calm and friendly atmosphere with park rangers, tourists and scholars of the region.

He has also been perceived as very loving towards his young offspring, and you can see in the video below that he is protecting them and other people’s youth.

The short clips, above and below, are from a BBC nature show called “Gorilla Family & Me”.

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