She Thought The School Was Awarding Her Daughter – Nothing Prepared Her For THIS.

A San Diego student thought she was getting an award for excellence in writing, but it turned out to be a much bigger ordeal! The entire award ceremony was a ruse, so that the student, her sister and their mother could all be together for the biggest surprise of their lives.


Their NAVY dad, Brian, had been deployed on the USS Lawrence for the past year and the family thought he was somewhere deep in the Western Pacific. It turns out he was able to make it home early and coordinated with his daughter’s school to plan the ultimate surprise homecoming! When the little girls hugged their daddy for the first time in months at :35, my heart just melted. These are the moments that make EVERYTHING worthwhile. If you want to say thank you to this brave military dad and his family, please SHARE this wonderful video with your friends.


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