The protagonist is a 19-year-old British man of a less common incident

Conor Dawes was walking down the street at night when he noticed a passerby and decided to follow him. As he reached an even darker spot, Connor attacked the person following him. He fell to the ground and stole his wallet, jacket and phone, then ran away.

When he reached a secluded spot and made sure no one was after him, Connor opened the wallet to see how much money he could find. After Connor found some documents from the man who just stole it, he realized the man had autism.

He immediately began to feel feelings of regret and remorse and decided to turn himself in to the police. When he arrived at the police station, the young man told the officers that he wanted the man to get the stolen items back and that he wanted to be punished for his crime.


Arriving at the court, Connor quietly waited for his verdict. He acknowledged the seriousness of his actions and demanded his punishment. The judge was surprised to hear the young man’s story and was impressed that Connor surrendered to the police. But these things didn’t help him get away with it:

“Even if you didn’t know this man was sick, you can still tell he was weak because he walked the street alone at night. You hurt a man who is struggling in his life and through your actions” Your condition is deteriorated. What you have done is a great disgrace and of course you should do it. You will be fined. Because people need to understand that stealing is punishable by jail time.”

The young man was sentenced to two years in prison.

After the young man’s story went public, some people felt Connor should have been forgiven. What do you think?

What do you think?