The police adopt a stray dog ​​after being unable to find his family


When the Ohio Kirtland Police Department caught a stray dog running through the streets in March 2016, they started the call to find the dog’s owner. A couple of weeks passed and no one came to claim the John Doe Dog.

1617541862-2303-jd-adopted-4Photo credit: Kirtland Police Department


The search for the friendly dog turned out to be pointless. But instead of giving up the pit bull mix for the pound, the police decided to do something completely different. They gave him a home in the police station!

1617541862-6783-jd-adopted-3Photo credit: Kirtland Police Department


“Some of you may have followed the story of our stray dog, John Doe,” the Kirtland Police Department wrote on Facebook. “We tried to find the owner of this wonderful animal, but to no avail.”

“The people here at the police department wanted a good home for JD (that’s his name now). With the permission of the President and Mayor, JD is adopted by the Kirtland Police Association, but they also share the warmth this stoic beast has brought to town hall and the fire department. JD blends in with the environment like he’s always here. We are delighted to have him in our department and in our lives. He loves everyone and we love him. ”

1617541862-8781-jd-adopted-2Photo credit: Kirtland Police Department


Not only does JD live in the police department, he often visits the fire department and “is brought home with various city employees to visit their homes, he goes to the park, etc. He is so popular and lover!”

1617541863-5284-jd-adopted-5Photo credit: Kirtland Police Department


JD is now surrounded by people who will love and protect him. Isn’t he looking home in that patrol car?

1617541862-9035-jd-adoptedPhoto credit: Kirtland Police Department


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