This Is The Most Beautiful, Deeply Meaningful Photo Shoot Ever. How It Came To Be Is So Touching.


Mackenzie Clare was only 10 years-old when a reckless driver slammed into her family’s car, injuring her spinal cord and leaving the sweet redheaded child paralyzed. She wanted to grow up to be a model, but she had to put that dream on hold because of her wheelchair.

Recently, she was on a date with her boyfriend in Leesburg, Virginia, when she caught someone’s eye. Photographer Kerri Lane spotted Mackenzie from across the room and thought she’d be perfect for a photo shoot. She didn’t even notice that the girl was paralyzed at first. When she did, she realized Mackenzie was perfect.


Sources:  Daily Mail / Viralnova

Defeating her fear was a huge step towards achieving her dreams. Life isn’t fair and Mackenzie was dealt a hand that very few people would have been able to handle. But now? She knows that she can still achieve her dreams. We could all learn a lesson from her experience. There is always a way to find joy in life, no matter what is happening.

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