The Life-Altering Impact of a Shelter Encounter: The Remarkable Connection between a Woman and Tuna

A woman was in a depression and she understood the best thing for her will be to visit an animal shelter.

And one day she went to the nearest shelter to her home and asked to see their cats. Then she saw a group of cats that were separate from others. She asked about them and the shelter workers responded, that they were wild.

They also told, that meet and greets weren’t encouraged with these cats, but she persisted. Then she was introduced to Tuna.

She was also told, that it was the last week of Tuna at the shelter if she didn’t find a home. When the lady learned this she immediately considered taking Tuna with her. She told her roommates, that she was bringing a kitty.

They had a strong bond and soon became inseparable. But at first, Tuna didn’t show any emotions and didn’t even meow. She appeared to be happy in general, but there was something missing.


And then the lady considered taking Tuna outside.

After a few minutes in the fresh air Tuna came out of her shell. She was happy to be back out in the fresh air although she was on a leash.

And when the lady realized all Tuna needed was fresh air she started taking Tuna everywhere with her. They went on hikes and even visited new places.

And also Tuna helped her owner get out of her depression. When she saw the lady was upset or alone she immediately went to her and gave a lot of love and attention.

Tuna seems to be returning the favor. She considers, that her human saved her life and now it is time to do something for her.

What an adorable connection.

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