The Internet’s Heart Melts When Keanu Reeves Reacts To A 9-Yr-Old

Most actors are known for the work they do on the screen. They play the part and we enjoy sitting in the audience and watching it all happen.

Keanu Reeves is also an actor who has played some noteworthy parts in his career. Although we probably know him because of those parts, it is his life off the screen that really touches us.

Reeves is often seen in the news and the amazing thing is, the news about him is always positive. It always seems as if he is doing something kind for someone else and putting their needs above his own.

Although he is often caught doing these things, he isn’t doing them to gain publicity or to make a name for himself. He does them because he is a kind person, and it seems as if he just keeps getting nicer.

Perhaps that is why nobody is surprised that he recently had an interaction with a 9-year-old fan, and it is making hearts melt across the Internet.


It started out when the young boy walked up to Reeves at a book signing. He wanted to get his autograph, and he told him that he was a big fan.

If you listen carefully, you can hear Keanu Reeves asking him what his name is, and when the 9-year-old boy answered Noah, he introduced himself as well.

Noah told him that he was probably “my favorite actor in the whole world” and it is easy to see the smile that is on Reeves’ face. That is when he thanked the young lad and then gave him a small quiz, asking him if he had seen the toy he voiced in Toy Story 4, Duke Caboom.

When Noah said he was his favorite character, he got a special treat. You can see it for yourself in this video:

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