The girl in the box after she was kidnapped and placed in a box under the kidnapper’s bed for 7 years!


Colin Stan became the “girl in the box” after being kidnapped between 1977 and 1984 and placed in a box under the kidnapper’s bed. The girl was only 20 years old when she was kidnapped.


On May 19, 1977, Coleen was 20 and had to travel long distances to attend a friend’s party in Oregon. This is where Cameron and Janice Hooker found it. The two had a child and thought he would be safe with them. But that couldn’t be less true, because an hour later, Cameron threatened Colin with a knife in her throat.


The girl had to be placed in a coffin, a cloth tied around her mouth, her hands and feet tied and a wooden box placed over her head. “I thought I was going to die,” she told People magazine. She was taken to the house of the two who would keep her in the box under her bed.


The box it was kept in looked like a coffin, Colin kept it here up to 23 hours a day. The two took her to torture, beat and abuse her. First the girl was chained and stopped, but then she was taken to another coffin-like girl!



Cameron warns her that he’s part of a group called “The Company,” who wouldn’t go to great lengths to find and kill her if she ever thought of escaping. She was forced to sign a contract stating that she was a slave to the company. †


In August 1984, the girl managed to escape after the man’s wife, Janice, helped her. Janice eventually testified against her husband after she was given immunity. He was sentenced to 104 years in prison.

The contract looks like this:


Fortunately, Colleen is now with her family, and although she will be forever tormented by the tortures she endures, she is now trying to be happy.



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