The family’s pit bull reacts unexpectedly after a neighbor’s Labrador bites their 5-year-old.

Pit bulls have a reputation for being aggressive and hazardous, which can be accurate if they are mistreated. However, the same applies to most dog breeds, as it depends on how well the owner nurtures and safeguards their pet.

No dog is inherently malevolent, as their upbringing by their owner shapes their behavior.

While not everyone may share the same view on pit bulls, it is undeniable that this particular pit bull is a true hero.

Five-year-old Remayah Hernandez was out riding her bicycle with her sister, when she suddenly stumbled upon Tank, the neighbor’s labrador.

Being the little dog lover she is, the little girl did not think twice about trying to catch its attention. All she wanted was to pet it. Instead the day ended in blood and tears.

The dog instantly attacked the girl by biting her right in the face.

Remayah, clearly terrified, started shouting for help. Her screams didn’t just get her mother to react but also their family dog – Trigger the pit bull. He was out in the family back garden and suddenly appeared to defy everything he had been taught as a puppy.

This meant having to leave the family back garden and jumping over the fence to attack another dog. Trigger ran to his 5-year-old owners rescue when he heard her cry for help and attacked Tank who ended being injured.

A pit bull attacking another dog usually stirs up emotions – given the breed’s reputation, it usually has sad consequences.


But in this case, Trigger did precisely the right thing.

The animal control at the Police station took Tank in and eventually had to put him down. The little girl was taken by ambulance to the hospital where she was treated for her injuries.

The family had saved money for a trip to go to Disney World – but instead had to use the money to pay for the costs of plastic surgery which their little daughter needed due to medical reasons after the attack by the neighbor’s dog.

That is when an online campaign was created where people were able to send the family money. The goal was to make sure Remayah would still be able to go to Disney World – and so she did! 1000 dollars were eventually raised to make this little girl’s wish come true.

The attack obviously left the little girl petrified, but more than anything, she was grateful for what her hero had done for her. Or as she now likes to call him – ”superhero”. In her time of need Trigger was really there for her.

The neighbor was at work that day, and it is still unclear how the labrador managed to escape onto the street to roam around freely in the neighborhood. When he was told what had happened, the neighbor was shocked, and instantly thought that surely there was a missing part to the whole story.

He truly felt that his dog was innocent, but was happy to hear the little girl next door was ok during the circumstances.

Everyone was grateful that Remayah had a speedy recovery following that horrible incident.

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