Teenage Sweethearts Reunite and Marry in their 70s … beautiful love story.


Eileen And Warner Billington, age 78 and 79 respectively, have been in love for most of the lives. However, they haven’t actually been TOGETHER for much of that time period! For six decades, the two lovebirds were separated. They didn’t see or speak to each other.

Although they were instantly smitten when they met as teenagers, Warner enlisted in the Royal Air Force. While Warren was on leave, he and Eileen planned to elope. Their romantic plans were squashed by their families, saying they were too young to be married.


Long after they were separated, both Eileen and Warren moved on to make their own families with other people. But, when Eileen’s husband died (and Warren was free as well), he called to offer his condolences. Soon after reunited, they realized they were still deeply in love and decided to finally marry.

No one ever forgets their first love… and sometimes, just sometimes, people get to marry them. 

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