Surrendered To A Shelter After His Owner Died, All He Needs Is Some Love!

Our heart broke when we read the story of Rudy, a 9-year-old Labrador, which was surrendered to the Brooklyn’s facility of the New York City Animal Care and Control.  Rudy’s owner just died, and he is deeply mourning his human companion.  What’s worse is the kennel with bars, the loneliness, and all the strange new noises Rudy hears from every direction.

Rudy is overweight, so he will need a diet and some exercise, but he is a loving angel that is hungry for life, and deserves to keep living.

A page has been set up for Rudy on Facebook as animal advocates and volunteers pledge funds to an approved rescue to help with his expenses.  Rudy is available for immediate adoption by a loving family.

If you’re interested in adopting Rudy, please email the urgent desk at and a trained volunteer will guide you through the adoption process.


For more information about adopting from New York City Animal Care & Control, please visit here.

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